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Body Piercing & Tattoos , Aesthetics, Laser Hair & Tattoo Removal , Permanent Jewellery, Microblading, SPMU, Hair Replacement, Barber Shop & Avanced Beauty 

Award Winning Studio, Sponsored by WBJ

Fully Accredited Training Academy. 

with over 18 years experience in the hair, beauty & aesthetics industry.

Body Piercing

Fully licensed  & insured body piercing studio.


Dermal Fillers  

Fat Dissolving 

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

B12 & Biotin  Injections

Tear Through Under Eye Filler

Cheek/Chin / Jawline Filler

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty 

Profihilo & TKN HA3 Skin Boosters

Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening 

Julapro / Sunekos 


Laser Treatments 

Laser Hair Removal 

Laser Tattoo Removal 

Dermal Filler / Lip Dissolving 


Vampire Facial 

Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Our hair replacement systems are more than just a wig, they are a game changer in hair loss solutions.

Long gone are the days of heavy hairpieces and toupees, Our systems are completely natural and undetectable.

We have helped so many people overcome their hair loss, and we can do the same for you with our unsurpassed expertise and the very best hair systems on the market. 

Subtle and sophisticated not only do we restore your natural look we also help rediscover your inner self. 

When we apply your personalised hair system to your scalp use a water-based toxin free bond. This semi permanently hold the hair in place ensuring maximum comfort and durability. 

Don’t worry the process is completely painless and  gentle, you can treat it like your own hair.

Our hair replacement systems are a discrete way for both men and women to feel more confident about their hair.

A bespoke custom made hair piece made from 100% Human Remy luxury hair. 

A membrane will be carefully applied to the scalp with modern bonding materials to secure it, and the hair will be matched to your existing hair in terms of texture and colour, making the replacement piece virtually invisible.
The top area of the head (where bald/thinning) is shaved, then the hair piece is glued on & blended into your own hair.
Around 6-8 weeks your piece will need to be removed, the area cleaned, the piece cleaned, the scalp exfoliated & shaved again, then reapplied.
With the necessary care, the hair piece may last up to 18 months *

A hair piece is bespoke, made to fit the client & only that client relevant to the area they need. 

  • 100% human hair piece - Remy luxury hair
  • Pain free
  • Blends to your natural hair
  • Gives you thick & full natural hair
  • Any hair style
  • Any colour hair - match to your natural colour
  • Hairline recreation & design 
  • No side effects
  • Instant results
  • Limitless styling possibilities
  • Lightweight & comfortable 

You can do everything like, wash your hair, swim and jump around while wearing your piece. It’s completely secure for all  movement & day to day activities. 

Accredited Training

We are a fully accredited training academy with two fully accredited educators.

We are also partnered with insync insurance 

1-2-1 Teaching 


Non Surgical Hair Replacement -from £799

Skin Fade - £300

Microblading - £999

Scalp Pigmentation £1499

Dermaplanning - £299

Waxing - Ears & Nose £200

Foundation Dermal Fillers £1400 

Foundation antiwrinkle £1400

B12 Injections £499

Biotin Injections £499

Microneedling £499 

Plasma Pen Skin Tightening  £999 

Chemical Peels £399

Fat Dissolving Injections £499

All Aspects Of Body Piercing £999

Ear Piercing ( with needle ) £499

Dermal Anchors £450

Tatooing £999

PRP & Phlebotomy £799

Permanent Jewellery £1499

Terms & Conditions

Booking fees are taken to secure your appointment or training date: 

Booking fees are non refundable & non transferable. 

Appointment cancellations must be amended 24hrs before or your payment  will be forfeited. 

Training cancellations must be amended 48hrs before or your payment will be forfeited. 

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